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Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.

Age, gender, height, eye and hair color, then tell me what your favorite something (hobby, class, music, etc) and what kind of date you want me to take you on. 

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You have been visited by Baljeet, the Failed Test. If you do not reblog within ten seconds, you will fail your finals.

too risky man


blaze it, i whisper as i light my homework on fire

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I used to know a beautiful little girl…

I know that most of you don’t know who this little girl is. To you she’s just another child but to me she is a very important part of my life. I have posted about Shay several times but I am posting her story again to share cancer awareness with more people and to keep her memory alive.

Shay was born on December 1st 2007. Shay loved Star Wars, One Direction and the color pink. On February 9th 2013 (I believe that is the date) Shay was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She fought her battle with bravery and strength. Through it all she still managed to smile.

Shays first choice as her wish from Make-A-Wish was to meet One Direction. But the “waiting list” to meet the boys was too long and they were not sure she would make it that long. Even if she did make it that long meeting 1D was not 100% certain. So she went with her 2nd choice which was to swim with dolphins in San Diego. The morning that her wish was supposed to come true she had to be rushed to the hospital where they discovered that her brain had become 95% tumors and her spine had become 90% cancer cells because her body had stopped responding to chemo. A week later she passed away on February 13th 2014.

People are on Facebook and everywhere talking about how The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (fishingboatproceeds) made them cry. Those people won’t do anything about pediatric cancer. They will watch the movie or read the book and cry then go back to their lives because to them it was just a movie or a book. But to so many people it is their reality not a form of entertainment. I’m not saying that if you watch or read The Fault in Our Stars that you are a bad person I’m just asking that you take a lesson from it. It is not something to ignore. It is something that needs to be cured. Heart wrenching stories like The Fault in Our Stars are true and are happening all the time.

I’m crying from remembering Shay. Please help raise awareness for childhood cancers and join the fight against. You can do more than you think you can. Even if you can’t donate you can pray or volunteer. Everybody can find their own special way to help.

Please help and please never ever forget Shay.

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What’s your opinion on recreational marijuana?

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